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French Panes

Installing window film on French panes can be a tedious task. Here is our way of hanging film on French panes.

Starting on the top left pane, working across and down, complete your normal cleaning of the window and gaskets. Also, at this time, get your rough cut patterns cut from the box or from the pre-cut program.

Now the first one is done
Step 1 – start at top-left pane
start at top left then move across then down
Move onto the next pane
Now you are ready to cut the next two patterns
Step 7 – continue across
and down
Lightly mist the top left pane and place your film to the glass, liner side down. Mist lightly and squeegee to hold in place.
Using your Olfa knife with a sharp tip, cut your pattern to size and trim up any rough corners. Continue same process, moving across the top panes.
Remove patterns and place on window panes below. Complete your final cleaning of the window you will be installing on. Be sure frame and gaskets are clean and dry.
Pick up the first pattern and remove the liner.
(MIST ONLY THE FILM PATTERN), not the glass.
Carefully place the pattern to the glass without touching the gaskets. Mist surface of the film and, working from center out, squeegee film in place. Go over it one more time with a little more force.
Wrap a paper towel around your hard card and squeegee out any remaining water. Also, bump the edges to absorb any moisture from the gaskets.
Continue the installation moving across and down as in steps 4,5 and 6.

Carefully clean the windows for your customer and move to the next set of windows.

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