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Knife Angle

The angle in which you hold your knife will determine whether you'll make a clean cut or not. Holding the knife at too sharp an angle can cause you to scratch the glass or even tear the film. Below are a couple of different knife angles to use.

Angle 1) When trimming your film pattern, be sure to use a low knife angle, about a 45-degree angle or less. This will ensure a clean cut and greatly reduce your chance of scratching the window.

It is not a pencil don't hold it like one
Trimming along the gasket

Angle 2) When trimming along the gaskets, you can rest the blade against the rubber gasket to get a good straight cut. There is one small step to keep in mind while making this trim. You should have the end of the knife farther from the frame than the knife tip. This allows you to make your cut without cutting into the gaskets. It also creates a 1/32-inch gap to allow the water to squeegee out properly.

If you find these techniques difficult to grasp, please feel free to contact us for further guidance.

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