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We will now go over the proper way of making your final trim on a window requiring a splice. Once the window and frame are cleaned and ready for installation, follow these steps:

Hanging the first piece
Step 2 – squeegee pattern
Keep a straight line
Step 7 – use a straight edge and a new blade
Am I done yet??
Inspect for any imperfections
Hang your first pattern on the glass and squeegee out the water. Use a factory edge at the splice mark on the frame.
Make your final trim on the three sides of the first pattern as needed. Then, spray again with solution and squeegee entire pattern.
Using your 5-Way Tool with a paper towel wrapped around it, bump the edges of the first pattern absorbing any excess water from around the gaskets.
Pull out the second piece of film from box using same factory edge of film to overlap the pattern you just installed.
Install the second rough pattern on the glass making sure the two factory edges overlap. Squeegee out the water.
Make your final trim on the three sides of the second pattern as needed. Spray again with solution and squeegee pattern, this time with a little more force.
With a straight edge and a new blade on your Olfa knife, begin your trim on the splice. Go as far as you can until your arm angle forces you to stop. Then begin again from the opposite side to meet evenly with first cut.
Carefully remove scrap from splice and squeegee over the splice. Be careful not to catch the splice with your squeegee to prevent a crease or tear to the film.

Note: It is very important to use the same factory edge of the roll at the splice. This makes for a consistent color between the two film pieces.

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