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Trimming French Panes

Final trim on French panes is basically the same as a final trim on any other window.

However, there are a few ways of installing film to French panes. One method is to cut your patterns to exact size before removing the liner, making for a cleaner installation. Another method is to remove the liner from your rough-cut pattern, spray with mounting adhesive and apply to glass. Once you have squeegeed the film in place, you can then make your final trim cuts.

When you make your final trim on French panes, follow these steps:

1. Place your rough-cut pattern onto the glass and make a 45-degree angle cut in each corner (from corner of frame out to end of rough cut pattern). This allows the film to lay flat on the glass.

2. Cut across the top of the window first, then down each side, and finally across the bottom of the window.

3. Once you have trimmed all four sides, make sure to clean up any rough spots as well as the corners. This will make for a flawless installation.

Spray it before placing on window. Cut across top and then down the sides. Install film across the top first.
Spray thoroughly.
Cutting the sides.
Start at the top.

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