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Knife Choice

There are many knives out there to choose from, but finding the one you are most comfortable using is probably the most important aspect in knife selection.

The only time you'll need to be selective is when working with thicker films, such as security films. A normal Olfa knife with stainless steel blades works fine on basic solar control films. But once you start installing security or anti-graffiti films, you will discover a normal knife will cause uneven or wavy cuts. Using a heavy-duty knife when working with thicker films allows you to make a clean and straight cut.

When using a heavy-duty knife, the blade is thicker and will not flex as much as basic blades. Basic knives are more difficult to use on thick films because the blade flexes and travels away from the frame.

Which one is appropriate for the job? This is overkill, it's too big of a knife for this cut.
Choices of knives and scissors
Use a heavy-duty knife
only on thicker films

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