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Safety & Security Film Basics

Safety & Security Film Basics

Working with Safety & Security films is the most challenging aspect of window film installation. Just because a dealer is proficient in installing solar control films on a car or residential home, it doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is equipped to handle the difficulties associated with thicker Safety & Security films. In fact, there are many cases where installers are in over their heads because they’ve not been properly trained in the art of installing this type of film.

For dealers new to Safety & Security films, JWF recommends multiple practice sessions with a thick Security film before accepting an actual Safety or Security film job. Otherwise, dealers run the risk of damaging their reputation, and losing future business, by delivering a less than professional installation. This section will cover some of the more basic components relating to Safety & Security films including:

Safety & Security Films vs. Solar Control Films – learn the basic differences between the
films along with watch-outs for dealers.

Curing Period – educate yourself, as well as your customers, about the variables affecting the post-installation dry out process.

Installation Tools – know which are the right tools to use when working with Safety & Security films.

Choosing a Film – get some tips on how and when to choose the right Safety or Security film.

Learn More – find out how to increase your overall Safety & Security knowledge base.

Terminology – provides a glossary of terms and expressions used when installing Safety & security films.

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