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Cutting Rough Cut

There are 3 different ways to create a rough-cut pattern when working with Safety & Security films. Deciding on the appropriate method is up to the dealer based on several factors affecting the job; volume of workload, urgency of the job, available tinters, etc… Review the different rough-cut installation methods below and choose one that is most appropriate:

Make the piece 1 to 2 inches larger.
Box Rough-Cut

Option 1 – Out-of-the-box Rough-Cut
This is the standard method of creating a rough-cut pattern. Open up the box of film and insert the blade into the box at the predetermined width. Then, pull the film out of the box to its desired length. As the film is being pulled, the blade should continue to trim down the width. Note: be sure to mark off 1-2 additional inches to both the length and width to provide a safe cushion in case of any errors.

Option 2 – Pre-Cut Rough-Cut Pattern at Shop
Another way to create a Safety/Security film rough-cut is to pre-cut the pattern(s) prior to the beginning of the job. This can save a lot of time at the job site. Take the film and lay it on a table. Using a straight edge, cut the rough-cut pattern and then roll it up for transport to the job.

The flatter the table, the better. Keep hands clean when touching film. Try not to wrinkle it.
cutting rough-cut pattern
rolling up film
taping and naming
finished rough-cut patterns

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