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Two-Man Peel & Hang

Two-Man Peel & Hang

The two-man peel & install is a technique used by a majority of Safety & Security film installers. Since Safety & Security films are thicker and heavier, it’s much faster and easier if two installers are involved in the application process. This will not only save time, but money, in the long run.

Two-Man Installation Steps:

Step 1 – one holds it while the other sprays and peels

Step 7 – bumping edges
One installer holds up the final pattern off the floor while the other installer peels the liner and wets the adhesive with spray solution.
Now, the installer holding the film applies it to the window.
Once the film is applied, spray the pattern with solution and use the squeegee to anchor the pattern in place.
Now, use the squeegee to firmly apply the film to the glass using the proper Safety & Security film squeegee technique.
Repeat this step a second time, but with more force.
Repeat this step a third time using as much strength as possible to remove any excess water from behind the film.
Take a 5-way tool wrapped with a paper towel and bump the edges of the window. This will absorb any remaining excess moisture under the window gasket, which could flush itself back under the film.

To increase efficiency, have one installer squeegee the film and make the final trims while the other is prepping/cleaning the next window and getting the rough cut pattern ready to go.

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