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Squeegee Techniques

Many dealers don’t realize how difficult it is to squeegee out water from behind thicker Safety & Security films. Therefore, it’s very important to use the proper squeegee technique to remove any excess moisture from behind these type of films. If the standard solar control film squeegee process is utilized on a Safety/Security film job, it’s almost guaranteed that water will remain underneath the film resulting in a poor and faulty installation. Too many times a customer or dealer will blame the quality of the film, when in fact, the primary reason for the installation problem was the installer failed to properly squeegee out all of the water.

The most important thing to remember is to use a good squeegee pattern to prevent contaminates from flushing out from the gaskets to underneath the film adhesive. The following provides a diagram on how to properly squeegee out water when working with Safety & Security films:


Bumping Edges

Once this process is completed, squeegee one last time using as much force as possible. The JWF recommendation is to squeegee at least 4 times on a Safety/Security film job to ensure removing a majority of the water.

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