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Automotive Installation

Heat Shrinking
Tinting class

Installation of film on automobiles is a unique process. Film is flat and not designed to fit on curved surfaces. Technique is essential in custom fitting an automobile with window tint film. The techniques are difficult to learn but when mastered, the installer has learned marketable skills.

The Automotive Basics section is a great place to start for beginners. You will find explanations of the basic process, terminology and descriptions of the basic installation tools
specific to auto tinting.

Automotive Installation
Side window application

When you apply tint to a car, your work becomes part of a vehicle that travels on the public roadways. Laws regulate the film you use in nearly every country. These laws vary from region to region and if you are going to tint automotive windows, you need to know and understand the regulations in your area. The Tint Laws page describes a few of the most frequent laws and gives some ideas on how to research the law in your region.

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The Shop Set-Up section describes many of the conditions you should consider when looking for an appropriate property to rent (or buy) for a shop. You will also find ideas for improving the effectiveness of your shop.

The Rear Windows, Side Roll-Ups, and Wings & Visors groups are the actual installation pages. Remember, good cleaning and patterns create high quality installations and happy customers.

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