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Safety vs. Solar Control Films

Safety & Security Films vs. Solar Control Films

Safety & Security Film
Solar Control Film

The key difference between Safety & Security films and standard Solar Control films is in the thickness of the films. To absorb the impact loads and keep glass shards together, Safety & Security films are much thicker compared to regular window film. While most Solar Control films are constructed with a 1.5mil thickness, Safety & Security films range from a thin 2mil ply all the way up to a 12mil film.

The main objective for standard Solar Control films is to reject heat, reduce glare and block harmful UV rays. The role of Safety & Security films is much different. They provide a sort of “safety net” by holding glass shards together in case of glass breakage. Thickness levels vary depending on the type of protection needed. 2, 4 and 7mil Safety films are designed mainly for smaller, accidental-type breakages such as a ball hitting a window or smash-and-grab robberies. Thicker Security films – 8, 11 and 12mil – are constructed to take on more severe impact loads ranging from natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes, to bomb blasts. More recently, solar control properties have been included in the manufacturing of Safety & Security films. Solar Control Safety & Security films allow dealers another option for customers seeking both glass protection and solar control performance.

Installation of Safety & Security films is another difference installers must be aware of. Thicker films increase the application time and require the installer to spend more time squeegeeing out excess water from behind the film. Without a doubt, it is much easier to install solar control films to a car, home or office compared to Safety & Security films. Therefore, it’s imperative for dealers to feel comfortable with installing thicker Safety & Security films (through practice) before accepting any of these types of jobs.

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