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Curing Period

Curing Period

The term curing period describes the amount of time it takes for window film to fully adhere to a glass window. Often times, there will be a noticeable haze or distortion because it takes time for the film to completely dry out. This is caused by remnant water trapped between the film and the glass, and it gives the film a milky appearance. This is a natural occurrence that will eventually go away if the film is properly installed, but it’s important for dealers to explain this process to customers up front so they don’t mistake this as being a problem with the film.

A key question is how long does it take Safety & Security films to cure? Unfortunately, similar to Solar Control films, the answer depends on a number of different factors that occur during the time of installation:

1. Amount of Water Removed – Unquestionably, the number one factor determining the curing time
of a Safety or Security film is the amount of water that is squeegeed out once the film is applied to the window. Because Safety & Security films are thicker in design, the squeegee process is much more difficult compared to standard films. Therefore, it’s essential for installers to use the proper Security film squeegee technique (i.e. pressured, overlapping strokes) in order to remove as much water as possible. If the proper technique is not employed, the curing time could last for months or even indefinitely.

2. Inside/Outside Temperature – The ambient temperature both inside and outside of a glass window has a direct effect on how well Safety & Security films will cure. Warmer temperatures help the evaporation process, thus improving film dry out times.

3. Film Thickness – Since Safety & Security films are much thicker in design, it’s more difficult to squeegee out the water from behind the film. Therefore, the higher the thickness level (e.g. 11mil and 12mil films) the harder it will be to remove excess water, and thus, the longer the curing process.

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