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Safety & Security Film Installation Tools

The tools used to install Safety & Security films are slightly different from the basic flat glass tools used for standard Solar Control films. It’s important for dealers to be aware of the appropriate installation tools before beginning a job.

Knives & Scrapers
It’s always a good idea to select a knife that provides optimal comfort. When working with Safety & Security films, select an OLFA knife to use on thinner films and a heavy-duty knife for thicker films. A heavy-duty knife is needed to avoid having the blade carry off the edge into the window when making the final trim.

The scrapers used on Safety & Security films are the same ones used on standard Solar Control films. Again, select one or two that are the most comfortable and make sure to keep a lot of spare blades on hand.

You must have trimming knives. Choose one that's comfortable, but accepts stainless steel break-off blades. Scissors can sometimes be used on safety and security film.
Scrapers and single edge razor blades are used in the cleaning of most windows. Blade holders increase safety and allow more reach with the blade.

Squeegees & Hard Cards
Most squeegees used to install standard Solar Control films will also work when applying Safety & Security films. Just make sure to select a squeegee with a thick blade and a good, strong handle. Some installers prefer an 8 inch wooden handle squeegee because it enables installers to grab the squeegee with both hands and apply more squeegee force. This will help remove more water from underneath the film.

Standard hard cards can also be used when installing thicker Safety & Security films. Installers should use a white Teflon and/or a 5-way tool with a lint-free paper towel wrapped around the edge. Bumping the hard card all the way to the edge allows the paper towel to absorb the smallest amount of water, even water that's difficult to see with the naked eye.

For cleaning and film installation. Soft ones leave more water under the film and polyurethane blades work best. You can put some of the flat squeegees into an Unger handle to greatly improve leverage and water removal.
Used mainly to "bump edges" of film while wrapped in a towel to help absorb even the smallest amounts of water.

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