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Choosing A Safety or Security Film

When a customer asks for a Safety or Security film, it’s important for dealers to go through a checklist before providing a solid recommendation. This checklist should answer a couple of vital questions:

What Type of Protection is the Customer Looking For?
After explaining how Safety & Security films work, installers should probe the protection needs from the customer. Are they looking to protect their windows against accidental breakage or smash-and-grab robbers? Or do they need glass protection against natural hazards such as hurricanes or earthquakes, which necessitates a thicker Security film selection. Dealers should also find out if the customer is looking only for glass hazard mitigation, or if solar control performance is necessary as well. There are a variety of Safety & Security films available. Therefore, it’s vital for a dealer to understand the customer’s needs before recommending a film.

The charts below provides a breakdown of Johnson Window Films Safety & Security films along with corresponding protection benefits:

Safety Films
Solar Control
Sec 2 2 Mil. Clear Solar Control not available in 2 Mil.
Sec 4 4 Mil. Clear S4 Series with DaylightNatural
S4 Series with Solar Silver
Sec 7 7 Mil. Clear S7 Series with DaylightNatural
S7 Series with Solar Silver

Benefits of Safety Films:
• Specifically designed for protection against accidental breakage, or smaller impact situations.
• Holds glass in place on impact, preventing dangerous flying glass shards.
• Johnson’s Safety films are perfect for residential windows.
• Available in clear as well as solar control shades to block heat, UV rays and glare.

Security Films (clear only)
Sec 8 8 Mil. Clear
Sec 11 and Sec 12 11 and 12 Mil. Clear

Benefits of Security Films:
• Security films offer superior glass hazard mitigation, and are best utilized for windows subject to severe glass threats such as bomb blasts, earthquakes and hurricanes.
• Thicker design helps hold glass together at higher impact situations.
• Suited for government buildings plus communities in high-risk hurricane (e.g. Florida) and earthquake (e.g. California) areas.
• Only available as a clear film.

What Types of Windows Need Film?
Similar to Solar Control films, make sure to avoid high risk film applications that could lead to potential glass breakage. Applying a Safety or Security film to a Dual pane glass with over 25% shading can cause undue stress to the glass. Additionally, stay away from glass that is too thick (over ?”) or too large (over 60 sq. feet). If they break, the replacement cost will be expensive.

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