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As mentioned, working with Safety & Security films is a completely different world. Many dealers think they know how to install these thicker films because they’ve been installing solar control films for a long time. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake because many dealers only see the high payout associated with Safety & Security film installation jobs. Johnson Window Films wants to send out a word of advice to all dealers thinking about accepting Safety & Security film installation jobs for the first time—
get properly trained on installation techniques and practice over and over again.

Security film installation training
Proper Installation Training
It’s important to receive the proper installation and educational training before accepting any Safety & Security installation jobs. Johnson University is one of many tint schools providing proper installation techniques. Additionally, Johnson U delivers a comprehensive classroom training program showing dealers how Safety & Security films are manufactured along with key insights.

Many Hours of Practice
Safety & Security film application is the toughest job a dealer will ever face. The thickness of the film causes a variety of problems, including difficulty in removing excess water from behind the film. Dealers new to Safety & Security films need to practice many hours with all types of thickness levels, on their own or even on a friend’s windows, before they should even consider accepting a customer job. Too often the lure of a nice payday convinces dealers to accept a Security film installation job before they’re truly prepared. This usually leads to a less than professional installation job, and destroys the dealer’s credibility.
IWFA Safety Film Education Guide

Dealers need to educate themselves on a multitude of Safety & Security film topics. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) puts out a Safety Film Education Guide that provides a comprehensive review on all issues pertaining to Safety & Security Films. JWF highly recommends that all dealers become IWFA members so they can access information on Safety & security films, plus other matters pertaining to the window film industry. Go to for more information.

For additional safety news and info, check out these other sites as well:

Protective Glazing Council
Provides numerous technical documents on a variety
of safety subjects.

Protecting People First Foundation
Raises awareness of safety technologies available to protect people and property against natural and man-made disasters.

Safe America
Advances the main issues surrounding safety through distribution of safety products and educational programming.

Dealers must also understand the complex world of retention systems. Not knowing how to work with mechanical or wet retention systems could lead to a lot of headaches. JWF recommends that all dealers become certified to work on retention systems. The best way to become certified is to contact the retention system companies directly. Again, the IWFA is a good resource to find a list of retention system companies in the U.S. and abroad.

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