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Flat Glass Installation

This section provides you with a comprehensive overview on installing flat glass films for residential and commercial use. Mastering this technique is a must for today's dealers and provides an incremental revenue base to your automotive window film business. We cover the following areas in this section:

Remove all the water, squeege, squeege, squeege

Flat Glass Basics
An overview of concepts that every flat glass installer should know.

Preparing Yourself
Important steps to take prior to starting any flat glass jobs.

Cleaning Flat Glass
Different cleaning tips to prevent contamination.

Rough Cut First
Learn how to develop different rough-cut patterns.

Hang the Film
Various installation techniques applying film to standard, large and French pane windows.

A variety of useful squeegee methods throughout the installation process.

Final Trim
Special trim methods to help you complete the job.

Film Removal
Ways to speed up this important job.

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