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Frameless Wing Pattern

Frameless Wing Pattern

Cut and Trim Film Pattern
After you have given the outside frameless wing window a good clean & prep, it's now time to cut the film in order to produce the right pattern to apply. Make sure measurements are exact so the film can be easily installed. Please follow these procedures:

Step 1: Spraying window

Step 3: Place film on window with overlap

Step 5: Cut edge of film

Step 6: Positioning film

Finished wing pattern
Spray inside windshield with solution to make it easier to move film around.
Anchor the film to the wing window by spraying the center of the film and squeegee from the center out to the edges.
Place film on top of outside of the wing window (make sure factory edge is on the bottom and the liner is facing you) and cut a pattern with a 1" to 2" overlap all around to give yourself extra film in case of an error.
Cut the bottom edge of the frameless wing window.
Now cut the straight edge side of the window film starting from the bottom and working your way to the top.
Slide the film into window (away from edge) so there is a 1/8" gap along the straight edge side.
Anchor the film to the window using your squeegee and then finish cutting the remaining edge.
Remove film from outside of window and place pattern onto clean trimming glass (hardcoat touching glass) and trim off any bad edges.

Helpful Tips:
• You can use your cut pattern as a template for the second frameless wing window on the opposite side of the car.
• Remember to use your index finger on your non-cutting hand to push down on the film as you cut. Your finger will act as a guide to help cut a smooth and consistent path.
• Use a new blade on your Olfa knife as often as possible.
• Always cut at a 45-degree angle.

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