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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, especially in the customer area, may be a necessary luxury.
Sales are easier to close if the customer is comfortable. The sales staff appears more professional when they are comfortable. Remember, the goal of your customer area is to make customers feel glad they are in your shop and encourage them to "stay a few extra minutes", giving you a better chance to close the sale. In the summertime, that means comfortably cooling the area, and in the winter, maintaining a temperate climate as well.

Air Conditioning changes everything.
Air conditioning panel
Few shop owners address air conditioning & heat in the shop area. Air conditioning in an area this large will be expensive. A location that has the AC installed should move up on your list of potential rental sites. There are several reasons to want a shop area that is air conditioned/heated.

1) An air unit with a good filter system greatly reduces the amount of airborne contamination.

2) Pressure sensitive adhesives used on window films
are affected by temperature. The adhesive becomes harder when it is cold and softer when it is warm. These properties affect installation speed and product longevity. When cold, film doesn't stick as well, slowing the installer down with extra squeegee time on the windows. Hot weather causes the film to stick too fast. The common misconception is to increase the amount of soap in the mounting solution. Few installers realize that excess soap left under the film causes the adhesive to soften and eventually fail. Creating a "year round" environment in your shop makes the installation process smoother and more consistent.

A clean shop pays off.
Air vent
3) Choose a shop with air conditioning because it will help you and your employees through a long, hot summer day. Film installation uses a lot of water. This makes a dry area humid and a humid area miserable.

Our recommendation is to find a location with AC and Heat in the shop area.

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