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JWF Shop Set Up - Electrical

Electrical Systems

The electrical system is an important component of any potential location. If you sign a lease, and the electrical is substandard, the necessary changes are subject to a landlord's approval, and will be costly. Trying to save money and do it yourself includes the risks of working with electricity and fire. We recommend finding a shop with the electrical already in place.

Think about these issues as you look at potential locations:

Heat guns use a lot of current.
Pull-down extension cords
Lighting – We have a separate page for "lighting" which
is worth reading. The link is in the above table.

Customer area outlets – Look for at least one outlet on every wall. As the shop grows, you will continue to add items which require power to your sales area. Think TV, DVD, neon sign, or heat lamp demonstrations. The more diversified your automotive aftermarket product offering, the more outlets needed. You should also consider cable
or satellite TV for your waiting area.

Around the vehicles – Window film installation uses
water and electrical power. The best way to handle electricity around the vehicle is overhead, pull down extension cords. This technique keeps cords off the floor reducing the chance of shock and/or tripping over the cords. The overheads also look far more professional. Find out if power is available in the ceiling.

Self reeling cords help keep the shop floor clean but don't overload your circuits.Around the shop – An empty warehouse may look great until you want to plug in a cordless screwdriver or radio, etc.. Look for outlets on the walls, especially where you think a tool bench or table will be located.

Consider an air compressor – These items require higher voltages. Know its requirements and make sure you have adequate power in your new shop.

A long extension cord coming out of the customer area looks horrible. Check the electrical before you sign the lease.

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