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JWF Shop Set-Up, Floors


Impressive and clean.
Good floors show professionalism

The floor in the customer area directly affects the shop environment. Tile floors are easy to clean, but they reflect sound and make your sales area less comforting. If you are in a "rainy" environment, you must also consider water around the entrance. Carpet is quieter and has a "softer" feel. However, carpets wear out and must be vacuumed. Carpets also stain, especially in high traffic areas. Have an idea for a floor style which contributes to the environment you wish to create within your store.

Pay attention to the floor in the shop area. There are three things to consider: contamination, appearance, and safety. A nasty floor puts contamination into the air whenever someone walks across it. Dirty, cracked or stained floors make a negative impression on your customers. Floors should be swept regularly. A very rough surface is hard to sweep and keep clean, but it's safe. An installer with a broken wrist can't tint very well and injured employees raise your insurance rates.

There are different types of floors that are adequate.We recommend a slightly rough concrete as the best choice. A professional solution is to paint. It still sweeps easily and the sand greatly decreases the risk of lost traction, and a fall. Most home building material stores carry concrete paint and the appropriate type of "sand" to put in the paint. They will be able to give advice on how best to apply the paint.

A clean shop pays off.
Smooth concrete floors may be too slippery
A painted floor also gives a clean and professional appearance to your shop. That makes employees proud to work there and the customers happy to give you their prized possession.

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