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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Parking

Customer Parking

Customer parking is another aspect to consider as you study potential locations. The parking area is an important sales tool area. Customers will want you to look at their vehicle and help guide them to a choice that is satisfying. Clients gain confidence in you when they see you handle yourself professionally and confidently around their car. Many sales will be made while walking around the vehicle. This is also the area where you perform a "vehicle check" before taking control of the vehicle.

When researching potential locations for your shop, walk out into the parking area,
and ask yourself a few questions:

• How many parking spaces do you need? There really can't be too many.
• Are the spaces wide enough? You will be opening doors to hold up samples and to look at windows that are tinted.
• Is your customer going to feel safe and confident leaving his car in this parking lot?
• Is there sufficient room for you and a customer to walk around the car discussing the benefits and costs of having window film installed?
• What is the traffic like in the parking area? Are people flying by, frantically trying to find the last spot? A parking area with low to moderate traffic
is preferred.
• Is the parking near your sales/customer area and is it convenient to your salespeople's work station? Your employees will be walking with customers
to the parking area all day—keep the distance manageable.
• Is there anything that would be "easy to hit" as you move a customer's car to the tint bay?
• Is the parking area for prospective customers sufficiently separated from the work area of your shop? Try to minimize the number of customers wandering into the work area.

Allow plenty of parking. Easy access to the front sales area and the rear shop area.
Are there enough spaces?
Are the spaces wide enough?

If the consumer feels like his car is going to be hit because of tiny parking spaces, they will just pull out and leave. The key is to make them comfortable and confident in every way as they approach your business.

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