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Water Supply

Not a good water source for window tinting.
Where's your water source?
Water is key to your success. You use it every few minutes, all day long. It is the only thing between the film and the window. It is both a cleaner and a slip agent for positioning or squeegeeing film. As you look at potential locations consider where you will get your water and what treatment it will need.

Where will you get your water?
1) The best location for your water supply is close to the installation area.
2) Walking around to the back of the building to find a hose is time consuming, messy and unprofessional. Keep your water source away from your customers if possible.

Filtered water reduces contamination.
Filter your water for cleanliness

What treatment will your water require?
Many installers
have struggled with spots of contamination in their installations caused by rust or dirt in the water.
The only way to be sure that the water is never a cause of contamination is to filter it. Using good clean water and rinsing out your spray bottles every day will improve the quality of your installations.

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