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Contamination Control

Contamination between the film and glass look nasty.
Close-up of contamination

Every installer goes to great lengths to perfect installation techniques, which reduces contamination between the film and the glass. Consider this ongoing battle as you look for a shop to rent. A skylight with vents may blow dust into the air. A body shop brings the dust from the bodywork ruining your installations. It doesn't take much to put spots of dust into your finished product.

Consider contamination control as you review properties.

Is the area clean to start with?
Are there any obvious sources of contamination?
Is the area clean to start with?

Who are the neighbors and are they filling the air with dust?
Does the shop suffer from a "wind tunnel" effect when you open the door?
Does the air conditioning system have a space for a filter?

We recommend reviewing the space out when everyone is working, not just at night or early morning. You want to know what the area is like during peak hours before you sign the lease.

Cleaner environments make your life easier.
Make sure the surrounding
area is clean
Contamination control is also covered in our installation section from a technique point of view. There are some great tricks for reducing contamination, but if you create a clean environment you will have fewer re-do's.

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