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JWF - Shop Set-Up - Film Storage

Inventory Storage

A good storage area reduces inventory losses.Inventory is expensive. Storage and maintenance should be on your mind as you study possible locations. Excess moisture is harmful and can cause the release liner to bond to the adhesive in some circumstances. Moisture is also the cause of demetallization (rusting of the metallized layers within the film). Film costs are your major "cost of goods sold." Take care of your asset. We recommend having a dry and secure inside storage area when
considering a location.

Some things to consider as you review properties are:

• Is there a good place to store the inventory? Can it be locked?
• Will you have easy access to the inventory?
• Will the storage conditions be good for the film?
• Can you set up a system to track the film usage?
• Will you be able to know how much inventory you have at any given moment?
• Will you be able to track how much film was used?

Remember, not only will you have to think about your inventory, but you would also have to consider how you would store a customer's car if necessary.

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