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Strip & Splice Install

Although most tinters today use the one-piece installation method, the original rear window technique is the strip or seamed method where multiple strips of film are utilized. Even though the strip method is more time consuming than a fast "one piece", you can waste hours and film trying to heat shrink a window that you have not yet mastered.
If you learn this technique, you will be able to tint any car, anywhere, with or without electrical power, and without heat shrinking. The strip method is also a fallback procedure in case you only have smaller rolls to work with.

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife, Squeegee and White pad

You've already cut your filmstrips and they've been placed on the trimming glass.
The inside rear window has been prepped & cleaned. You are now ready to install your filmstrips. Follow these installation steps when using the "Strip & Splice" method:

Step 3 – carefully carry pattern to car

Step 6 – cut along defrost line

Close up of defrost line trim
Spray inside of rear window with solution so you can move the film into place.
Go to trimming glass and select the window strip for the top of the window. Peel film liner back (use tape if necessary) and spray adhesive with solution as you remove liner.
Remove film off of trimming glass and carry prepared pattern (overlapping on both arms) to the car.
Carefully enter the back seat and place film on the top of the inside rear window. Film should be positioned 1/2" below the initial defrost cut line. Spray strip with solution and squeegee from the top center and working your way down and out.
Now, go back to the trimming glass and repeat the removal process on your next strip of film. Place second film strip 1/2" above the initial defrost cut line. Similar to the "Cut & Trim" process, you will now have a 1/2" overlap above and below your defrost line.
Using a new blade on your Olfa knife, cut film along the defrost line (try to cut on top or bottom of the line if possible to avoid damaging the defrost line itself) all the way across the window. You will have actually have cut two pieces of film since the strips are overlapped.
Remove excess film from the second strip of film first. This will be easily removed off of the top. Now, remove the excess film from the first strip of film. Since this excess film is actually below the second strip you will need to lift the second strip and pull excess film out. Make sure you spray this area with solution as you pull off the film. Squeegee out solution from both strips of film.
Repeat this overlapping film placement and defrost line cutting on the remaining strips of film.
Upon strip installation completion, wrap a paper towel around your squeegee and squeegee the entire window one more time to remove any remaining fingers. Be extra careful where the strips are connected.

Helpful Tips:
• When working out small fingers, use your heat gun for about 10 to 15 seconds on the spot before pressing out. On large fingers, you'll need to make a relief cut. Move the finger on the defrost line and make a 1" cut on the defrost line and work finger out. Make the cut 1" to 2" longer than finger.

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