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JWF, Visor Prep

Visor Strip Glass Preparation

Tools Needed: Spray bottle, Cleaning solution, Paper towels, 1" Razor blade, White scrub pad, Olfa knife, Tooth brush and tools to remove rear view mirror.

Prep & Clean Outside
Before you begin installing film, it's very important to prep & clean the outside of the front windshield. This will help reduce contamination and make it easier to prepare and cut your film pattern. Your initial steps include:

• Check for scratches and chips on the windshield.
If the front windshield has rubber gaskets, check for cracks.
Spray outside window with solution and clean. Use white scrub pad if necessary. Squeegee away the solution and then wipe clean using paper towels.

Check for imperfections. Use lint-free towels.
Checking for scratches
and chips
Cleaning with paper towel

Prep & Clean Inside
After cutting your film pattern, the next step is to carefully prepare the inside front windshield so a smooth and easy installation can take place:

Remove the rearview mirror if necessary.
Spray top of inside windshield with solution.
Scrub with white pad and scrape using a 1" razor blade (keep the glass wet).
Respray and squeegee clean.
Wipe any drops from the glass & wipe the gaskets clean using paper towels.

Remove it only if necessary. Get all the dirt off. Try not to drip too much soap on the dash.
Removing rearview mirror
Scrubbing inside
Squeegeeing clean

Helpful Tips:
If the top of the front windshield has rubber gaskets, you can either trim film to the exact size of rubber or you can trim rubber on the inside with an Olfa knife by 1/8" to prevent any light gaps.

Use a tooth brush to help you clean extra dirty gasket areas or to get under edge of rear view mirror mounting plate.

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