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Visor Strip Install

You have cleaned and prepped the front windshield. You have cut and trimmed your visor strip film pattern. You are now ready to install your pre-cut pattern onto the inside of the front windshield. Make sure everything is clean and ready to go before following these next steps:

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Squeegee, Hard card
and Paper towels.

Step 3 – spraying while peeling

Step 4 – carry film with care

Step 4 – be careful when climbing into car

Step 5 – positioning the film

Step 6 – squeegeeing

Finished visor installation
Spray inside windshield with solution to make it easier to move film around.
Take film pattern and peel back film edges (use tape if necessary).
Spray film with cleaning solution while peeling liner off.
Take film pattern from trimming glass and carefully climb into the front seat (make sure the film doesn't touch anything) and apply film to top of the windshield.
Position film to eliminate light gaps and make sure it's even across the window.
Permanently mount the film by spraying the film with solution and squeegee from top center, down and then outwards.
Wrap a paper towel around your squeegee and squeegee film one more time.
Use a hard card with a paper towel and repeat squeegee process.

Helpful Tips: If visor strip has large fingers, you should wet shrink the film before installation.

Inspect After Installation
Once the film is installed, it's time to conduct one last inspection to make sure you didn't miss anything and the job was done correctly.

Spray outside of front windshield with solution and wipe clean using paper towels.
Check for fingers (spot dry with a heat gun if necessary)
Let film sit for 30 minutes before cleaning.
Check for light gaps (use blackout marker if necessary).
If you needed to remove the rear view mirror in order to install the film, re-mount rear view mirror at this time.

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