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Frameless Wing Installation

Wing Window Film Installation
You have completed your initial pre-cut film pattern. The wing window has been prepped and cleaned. You are now ready to install your film pattern onto the inside of the wing window. Make sure everything is clean and ready to go before following these next steps:

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife, Hard card, Paper towels, Squeegee and Heat gun (if necessary)

Step 2 – peel back liner

Step 5 – applying film
to window

Wipe clean with
paper towels
Spray inside of wing window with solution so you can move the film around.
Go to trimming glass (if available) and peel back film liner.
Spray adhesive with solution as you remove liner. This will prevent static electricity and reduce contamination.
Clean your hands first, then remove film off trimming glass and carry prepared pattern to the car.
Be careful not to touch anything when transporting film to the car and applying film to wing window.
Position film to allow for a 1/16" gap around the entire wing window to prevent fraying and allow room to squeegee out any remaining solution.
Squeegee window with a hard card.
Helpful Tips: You can use your cut pattern as a template for the second wing window on the opposite side of the vehicle.

• Sometimes wing windows have locking mechanisms to secure the window. If your wing window has holes in it from a locking mechanism, be sure to cut film out as needed.
Anchor the film by squeegeeing out the solution underneath the film.
• Spray the film surface with solution and squeegee out using overlapping strokes.

Inspect Wing Window Film Installation
Once the film is installed, it's time to conduct one last inspection to make sure you didn't miss anything and the job was done correctly.

Spray outside of wing window with solution and wipe clean using a paper towel.
Check for fingers and spot dry on the outside with a heat gun if necessary.
Remember to push down on the fingers as you dry.
If your wing window has locking mechanism holes you can either let the window sit
and dry, if time allows, or spot dry on the outside using a heat gun.
Let film sit for 30 minutes before cleaning inside window to avoid moving the film.
Re-install wing window locking mechanism if necessary.

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