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Frameless Installation

You have completed your initial pre-cut film pattern. (Frameless Pattern) The frameless door has been prepped and cleaned (Roll-Up Clean & Prep). You are now ready to install your film pattern onto the inside of the frameless door window. Follow these steps:

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Hard card, Paper towels, Squeegee, Screwdriver, Bone Tool or a Slammer (if needed)

No frames to get in the way and your pattern will fit perfectly.
Frameless window
Plenty of mounting solution helps you slide and postion the film.
Step 1 – spray inside of window
 Center film on all edges to minimize light gaps.
Step 4 – leave a gap when applying film
Wipe down the window to get a good look at it during your inspection and to create satisfied customers.
Clean window with towels
Spray inside of door window with solution. This will enable you to move the film into place.
Go to trimming glass and peel film liner back (use tape if necessary). As you are pulling liner back, spray film adhesive with solution. This will make it easier to remove the liner and apply the film to the window.
Make sure your hands are clean. Lift film off of the trimming glass and carry prepared pattern to the car.
Position yourself behind the frameless door window and apply film leaving 1/16" gap at the top.
Mount the film to the glass by squeegeeing out the solution that is under the film. Spray the surface of the film and squeegee—starting at the top center and working out to the edge. Work your way down the window.
Apply a second squeegee pass to the window, this time using a paper towel wrapped around the squeegee. Do not wet the film.
Next, wet window with ammonia solution (use mask if needed).
The final pass is done with a towel wrapped around a hard card and should be done all the way to the edge. The towel will absorb any moisture that comes out during this pass.

Remember, the first squeegee pass is with relatively light pressure and with the surface of the film wet. This helps prevent the film from moving as you squeegee. The second pass is done with slightly more pressure. The towel is there to provide slip against the film and to absorb moisture coming out of the edges. The hardest pressure applied is during the third pass with the hard card. This final step is important to truly anchor
the pressure sensitive adhesive and remove any final solution.

Inspect Frameless Door Window Installation
Once the film is installed, it's time to conduct one last inspection to make sure you didn't miss anything and the job was done correctly.

Pull up the rubber gasket carefully after letting the window sit for at least 30 minutes.
Use Slammer Tool to
pop up rubber gaskets
Spray outside of door window with solution and wipe clean using paper towels.
Check for any fingers. Spot dry with a heat gun if necessary
the outside) and then push down fingers.
Let film sit for 30 minutes before cleaning inside window so you don't accidentally pull it off.
Pop up rubber gasket (using a screwdriver, Popsicle Stick "bone" tool or The Slammer) if necessary.

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