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Wet Shrink Shaping

"Wet Shrink" Shaping

The wet shrink shaping method is the most commonly used by installers. The technique
is to wet the outside window with solution, lay the film with the liner up across the window (not up and down), trim the pattern, and then remove any fingers with a heat gun. The heat softens the film allowing it to "shrink" back to its original form before it was stretched during the manufacturing process. The release of this built up tension allows the film to form to the curve of a rear window.

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Hard card, Squeegee and Heat Gun

After you have made your rough-cut film pattern (overlaps the border by a 1/4" on each side, and by 1" on the top and bottom) you will then proceed using these wet shrink shaping steps:

Use your hand to split large
Step 1 – identify film "fingers"
When the film shrinks you can watch it wiggle.
Step 4 – use heat gun to soften film
Use a hard card to smooth out the film after shrinking.
Step 5 – remove "fingers" with heat gun and
hard card
Lift up the film halfway and spray glass with cleaning solution.
Place film back on window and spray with cleaning solution. Squeegee center at about 6" to 10" working your way to the side. Next, squeegee the sides by 2" and repeat on the other side, forming an "H" pattern.
Now, repeat this same step on the other film half.
Using your hand, move all fingers to either the top or bottom of the window (on a larger finger, split in half using your free hand to relieve some of the stress).
Turn on your heat gun and let it get hot. You will use the heat gun to remove the remaining fingers and shrink the film so it will form to the glass.
Note: any fingers need to be in the same direction as the factory edge (vertical in most cases).
Starting with any fingers at the top of the window, hold your heat gun approximately 2" to 4" away from the bottom of the finger and slowly apply the heat down the finger. The heat will cause the finger to "shake" as it evaporates away. Smooth the film out by using the hard card.

Repeat the process on all remaining fingers.

Helpful Tip:
Always break down large fingers into smaller ones and push out towards the factory edge.

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