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JWF, Rear Windows - Dry Shrink Pattern

"Dry Shrink" Pattern Cutting

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife, Squeegee, Baby powder, Paper towel and a Button

Now that you have given the rear window a good inspection and cleaning, it's time to cut your film pattern on the outside of the rear window. Make sure your measurements are exact so the film can be easily installed. If you are using the "dry shrink" method, please proceed using the following steps:

Lightly dust the glass surface with baby powder.
Step 1 – applying baby powder
Trim you rough pattern leaving 1 inch at the top and bottom.
Step 2 – moisten window
Make an
Step 3 – make "H" pattern
Trim you rough pattern leaving 1 inch at the top and bottom.
Step 4 – place film on window
Trim you rough pattern leaving 1 inch at the top and bottom.
Step 7 – cut pattern
Making sure you stay away from the seals, sprinkle baby powder on outside of rear window. The baby powder will allow the film to slide across the glass.
The next step is to moisten the outside of the rear window in certain locations in order to secure the film to the glass and give you a starting point to initiate the dry shrink process.
Take a paper towel, wet with solution and wipe across center of the window. Now use the paper towel to wipe each side of the window from top to bottom. This will give you an "H" pattern of moisture on the outside window.
Place film on the outside of the rear window (make sure factory edge is on the top & bottom and the liner is facing towards you) and cut a pattern with a 2" overlap all around to give yourself extra film in case of an error.
Spray solution across center of the film (approximately 10" wide) and squeegee out. This will re-anchor the film to the glass before you start cutting the film.
Next, place a button underneath the film and use it as a guide to cut the film without cutting the glass. Take your Olfa knife and poke it through the film against the button.
Most new cars have a 2" to 3" deep black border around the entire rear window frame. Your first "rough cut" will be to cut a pattern that overlaps the border by a 1/4" on each side, and by 1" on the top and bottom.
Remove the button from underneath the film.

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