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Clean Inside of Glass

Cleaning the interior window is vital for a proper and good-looking installation.
A dirty window makes for a dirty tint job. At Johnson Window Films, we believe window preparation is two-thirds of a professional installation. Here are the steps to properly clean the interior window prior to film installation:

Scrub it thoroughly.
Step 1 – use a scrub pad
Start from the top.
Step 4 – scraping the glass
Squeegee with overlapping strokes.
Step 8 – squeegee across
Generously spray the window with mounting solution, then with your white teflon scrub pad, scrub the entire glass surface starting at the top and working your way down.
After scrubbing the window, re-mist the glass surface with solution and using your six-inch triumph scraper with a new blade, begin scraping across the top of the window from one corner to the other.
Scrape from top left corner down to the bottom of the window.
Then, scrape from top right corner down to the bottom.
Scrape the remainder of the glass surface using overlapping strokes – scrape across the bottom from one corner to the other.
Spray the window again with mounting solution and dry the frame with a paper towel.
Starting at the top corner of the window, squeegee across the glass from one side to the other. Dry the top gasket and glass with a new paper towel to remove any excess water.
Next, squeegee down one side of the window drying off the gasket. Remember to dry your squeegee blade.
It's now time to squeegee across window, working your way down. Starting at the dry edge, squeegee across the window drying the squeegee blade after each stroke. Continue this process all the way down to the bottom of the window.
Dry the remaining gaskets and the bottom of the frame with
a new paper towel.

Note: When using your scraper, make sure not to scrape the glass when it's dry and try to keep the angle of the scraper low. This will help prevent scratching the window. Also, if you're working with an extremely dirty window, spray the window one last time with solution and use your hand to feel for any remaining dirt.

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