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Clean The Frame

Cleaning the frame is a very important step to eliminate the chance of bumping exposed adhesive against the frame. There are several frame cleaning techniques depending on the type of frame you are working with. The following provides you with the basic steps for cleaning standard windows:

1) Spray the window with mounting solution and be sure to also spray the frame.

2) Adjust your sprayer to "stream" and flush out the gaskets starting with the top and working your way around the window.

3) Using an old scrub pad, gently scrub the frame and gasket around the entire window.

4) Adjust your sprayer back to a "heavy mist" and do a fast rinse of the top and two sides of the frame.

5) Wipe off the frame with a paper towel making sure to remove any large particles
of dirt. Again, start from the top and work your way down each side.

6) Re-mist the window with solution and lightly wet the gaskets. With a new paper towel, dry both the frame and gasket. Each time the towel collects some dirt, fold towel to a clean spot and continue the process.

Note: Please be aware that using a scrub pad on some frame types can actually cause more dirt to surface, so expect a learning curve.

Flush out the dirt Scrub that gasket Dry off the frame
Flush out the gasket
Gently scrub the frame
Wipe with a paper towel

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