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JWF, Preparing at the Shop

Prepare At The Shop

There are a number of tasks that should be handled at the shop prior to the installation date. Taking care of these jobs beforehand will make life easier for you and leads to a more organized installation process.

Keep your tools organized for quick access.
Step 2 – prep your tools
You might just need a couple of these babies.
Step 3 – use clean drop cloths
Always use filtered water.
Step 4 – filter your water
Review notes taken from the initial job estimate. Consider any possible obstacles you may face such as moving furniture or needing a ladder for a tough window.
Inventory your tools and select the right items for the job.
1) you only have two replacement blades for your 6" scraper—be sure to order more,
2) if you need to splice a window, be sure to bring a straight edge to guide a perfectly straight splice.
Pull out drop cloths and be certain they are clean and dry for the day of your job.
Fill the spray bottles from your water filtration system to ensure clean water at the site.
Gather all the paperwork for this specific job—invoice, warranty and directions to the site.

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