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Water Source

Having a good clean water source is a very important part of your job preparation. You will find that if you use water from a hose bib or from a laundry sink, you end up having windows contaminated with dirt. Knowing that the window and frame are spot clean, and still having dirt, can drive any installer crazy. Here are a few options to insure a clean water source:

Don't forget to fill up your sprayer.
Water filtration system
This gets to be expensive in the long run.
Bottled water is clean,
but expensive
Take an in-line filter with you wherever you go.
Inline fuel filter
1) Have a water filtration system installed at your shop. Filling spray bottles with water passed through a filter system will insure you'll have clean mounting solution and make you that much more prepared for the job.

2) Use bottled water. It will certainly insure that you'll have clean water, but it can become a quite expensive process. This is probably not the most efficient way of running your business.

3) Go to your local auto parts supplier and purchase a small inline fuel filter that can easily be attached to a section of any model garden hose. This gives you the ability to always travel with a clean water source. This will also guarantee that any time you fill your spray bottle at a job site, you'll get good clean water.

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