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Splicing Large Windows

This method is used when installing film on windows over five feet (5') in both width and height. When you come across these windows always look for somewhere to hide the splice. Some examples are behind the curtains or up under the shades.

After cleaning the glass and frame, and having your rough cut patterns ready to install, follow the steps below.

Mark for seam.
Step 1 – mark both sides of the frame
Mark for seam.
Step 2 – pull film out of box, then roll back in towards box
Mark for seam.
Step 3 – pull film out of box, then roll AWAY from box
Squeegee all the water out.
Step 4 – squeegee the
first pattern
Overlap the second piece
Step 5 – squeegee second pattern
Free-hand splicing. Use a ruler if necessary.
Step 6 – start splicing
Free-hand splicing. Use a ruler if necessary.
Good and Bad examples
Once you know where the splice is going to be, measure and mark both sides of the frame where the splice will be.
Take the measurement of your film splice, and go over to your film box. Insert your knife through the box at the desired splice measurement to make an accurate cut as you pull the film from the box. Pull the film out from the box to the desired length. Your knife will be cutting the film at the determined splice width as you pull it out.
Begin rolling up your splice piece towards the box of film. Cut the film from the box and roll it up completely and mark as splice #1.
Repeat the same process of pulling the film from the box to create a second splice roll. This time, after you have pulled the film out to the desired length, cut the film from the box and roll up in the opposite direction. After rolling up this second piece of film, mark it as splice #2. Rolling this second splice piece up in the opposite direction will minimize color differences that can occur from one edge of the roll across the width to the other edge. This way, the splice zone for both pieces will be from the same cross section of the roll.
Install your first pattern using a factory edge to align with the marks you put on the frame. Be sure to allow a quarter inch overlap of the mark to allow for a splice. Squeegee and trim the three sides as needed.
Take your second rough cut pattern and install overlapping your mark on the frame by a quarter inch. Squeegee and trim the three sides as needed.
Using a straight edge ruler, line up the two marks on the frame. Using your knife with a new sharp tip, begin your splice from top to bottom, or vice versa, which ever is more comfortable. Go as far as you can comfortably, then begin again from the bottom, meeting at your last cut.
Remove the outer scrap, then carefully peel back corner of pattern with scrap under it. Gently peel out the scrap and simultaneously mist across the splice while pulling out the scrap.
Squeegee over the splice gently removing any water. Be careful not to catch the splice and crease or tear the film while squeegeeing.
Take the 5-way tool and wrap a paper towel around it. Go over the entire window bumping the gaskets and absorbing the excess water.
Gently clean the window for the customer and move to the next window.

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