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Scrape It Off

Removing old window film is not a lot of fun, but is necessary at times. The most common technique is to just scrape it off of the window. There are a couple of things you should always keep in mind when faced with scraping off old film.

Always keep the glass you are scraping wet.
Always use new sharp blades in your scraper.
Keep the angle of the scraper low (approximately a 45 degree angle).

Here are the basics steps for scraping off old window film:

Wet the window with your mounting solution.
Take your scraper with a new blade and start scraping near the top of the window. At first, just try to lift it off the glass and peel it off with your hands. Occasionally, you'll get lucky and the film will pull right off.
Scrape across the top of the window from one corner to the other. Continue to scrape from one side to the other until you can comfortably scrape in a downward motion.
Re-wet the window with mounting solution, then scrape the window again making sure to get any film and adhesive removed from around the gasket.
Wet window again and scrub the window frame with a white Teflon scrub pad. Then use a clean paper towel and remove any large contaminates.
Squeegee the window and dry the perimeter of the glass with a paper towel.
Inspect the entire window for any possible adhesive or film you may have missed. If any is found, wet the window again and scrape using a new blade.
Once glass is scraped clean and you are certain it's ready for installation, wipe off any excess water.
This is a PANE
Step 2 – start with a new blade on your scraper
Use your leverage
There's more than one kind
of scraper

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