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During Window Cleaning

Proper squeegee cleaning pattern

During the window cleaning process there are certain steps to follow for a contaminate-free installation. The best cleaning squeegee tool to use is the Unger 12 inch black rubber with metal channel squeegee. This squeegee allows for a nice smooth glide and a good area of coverage. Use this squeegee, followed up with a paper towel, to dry the edges of the glass and gasket.

Here are the proper squeegee strokes to follow once the window and frame are cleaned, and the glass has been scraped:

Spray the window again with mounting solution, then dry the top and left edges of the frame and gasket with a paper towel.
Your first squeegee stroke should start at the top right corner and go across the window stopping at the top left corner. Dry the squeegee blade and any moisture left on the frame and gasket.
Your second squeegee stroke starts at the top left corner and goes down to the bottom left corner. Again, dry the squeegee blade and the edge of the frame and gasket.
Your third stroke starts at the dry area of the upper left area of the glass and travels over to the right frame edge. Continue the squeegee strokes from left to right, working down the window stopping approximately two inches from the bottom frame. Be sure to dry squeegee blade after each stroke.
The next squeegee stroke begins at the top right corner. Squeegee down stopping just before the bottom of the frame. Dry the squeegee blade then dry the frame and gasket.
Your final squeegee stroke starts at the bottom left corner and goes across to the bottom right corner. Dry the remaining water with a clean paper towel.
Start to squeegee across the top then down.
Step 4 – your third stroke
Start to squeegee across the top then down.
Step 5 – squeegee down just before the bottom

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