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JWF, Squeegeeing After Final Trim

After Trimming

Proper squeege strokes

After your final film trim has been completed, you will need to once again squeegee the window. The way you squeegee out the water can have an effect on the cleanliness of your installation. If you squeegee water straight into the gasket, the water can flush out dirt making for a less than professional installation.

Once you have finished making your final trim, follow these squeegeeing steps:

Spray the film surface with mounting solution to allow the squeegee to slide.
Your first squeegee stroke starts at the top center of the window. Place your squeegee edge gently against the top window frame and squeegee across to one corner stopping abou 4 inches from the edge.
Once again start at the top center and this time squeegee out towards the opposite edge.
Repeat steps 2 and 3, overlapping each new stroke over the previous. This assures that you will move the water "down and out" without leaving excess that can "puddle" during the dry out period. These overlapping strokes are especially important with Sputterred and Security films. If you don't overlap, you will wind up with lines of water bubbles the next day right at the bottom edge of each squeegee stroke.
Next, place your squeegee edge at the top left corner and squeegee down to the bottom of the frame.
Next, place your squeegee edge at the top right corner an squeegee down to the bottom of the frame.
To squeegee the bottom edge, you can either squeegee from one corner to the other or place your squeegee in the center of the window (about eight inches from the bottom of the frame) and squeegee down to the frame moving the squeegee over as you move down. Remember to use overlapping strokes.
Inspect your installation, and clean up any water or trash you may have overlooked.

Note: Make sure to hold the squeegee at a thirty to forty-five degree angle to the window frame when you are squeegeeing across the window to push the water down instead of straight across. Hold the squeegee parrallel to the bottom of the frame when doing the bottom edge if you are not going across the glass.
Squeege out towards the opposite edge.
Step 3 – squeegee out towards opposite edge
Always remember to use overlapping strokes.
Remember to use
overlapping stroke

Repeat the entire process at least twice (3 times for sputterred films and 4 times for security films), increasing squeegee pressure with each cycle.

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