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Safety Film Installation Techniques

Safety Film Installation Techniques

Applying safety film to the inside of a building window helps hold the glass together in one piece if it were to be shattered, which greatly reduces the hazards posed by broken glass. To ensure the effectiveness of these safety films, it is vital to use quality film, the right tools and proven installation techniques. Please keep in mind that by reading these step-by-step instructions, this alone will not give you the skills you need to install safety film. You must practice! Pick one window and practice at least four times. Install the film then remove it. Evaluate your skills after each installation. If the installations are not clean and well anchored, do a few more. Due to the thickness of safety films the dry time can take up to 120 days. So it is very important to get as much moisture out during the installation to help speed up the curing process. We recommend using a standard film before moving up to thicker safety films.

These step-by-step instructions are bullet point only. Explanations of terms and phrases can be found on the terminology section of this web site.

Below is the Safety Film checklist:

Inspect Window:
• Clean and Prep
• Measure Window
• Prepare work area

• Cut Pattern and Install
• French Pane
• Medium Size Window
• Arched Window
• Large Patio Window

Tricks Of The Trade:
•One man Install
•Remove old film

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