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Painted Wood Frames

Painted wood frames are another one of those difficult types of windows to install film on because of the strong possibility of contamination. It can be even worse if they've been painted numerous times or if the paint job is mediocre. Here is how you should handle cleaning these problem windows:

Single-edge blades are useful in this situation.
Scrape off excess paint
Get to the very edge.
Trim off the paint
HOT TIP! Vacuum out left-over contamination.
Vaccum out contamination

1) Inspect the window around the frame to check for any paint on the glass or any uneven areas on the paint. If you notice any uneven areas, expect your final trim to be more difficult. Take your Olfa knife with a new blade and trim off the uneven paint without damaging the frame or the actual paint itself.

2) Spray window with mounting solution and scrape window edges to remove the excess paint (Try and remove any paint chips as you scrape them off the window).

3) Spray the window again with solution and scrub the frame and glass.

4) Wipe window frame with paper towel and remove any loose particles.

5) Squeegee off the water making sure you dry the squeegee blade after each stroke.

6) Using a new paper towel, dry the glass edge and frame one last time.

7) Continue with your installation process.

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