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Bumping Edges

Proper squeege pattern.

The technique of "bumping the edges" or "edge squeegee" is an important step in delivering a quality installation. This process removes more moisture from underneath the edges but most importantly it helps to anchor the film to the glass to reduce any chance of lifting edges or peeling film before it cures. Following these steps can improve the immediate appearance of your installation.

Be sure you have finished your final trim and installation squeegeeing before "bumping" the edges.

Wrap a folded paper towel around the longest edge of your 5-way tool.
Placing your 5-way tool on the glass about six inches away from the frame, squeegee towards the frame with force making sure to bump the gasket. The paper towel will help absorb the moisture.
Continue this process around the entire perimeter of the window. When your paper towel becomes wet, re-position the paper towel so that a dry area absorbs the moisture. Replace paper towel if necessary.

Gravity works against you.
Step 2 – make sure to bump the gasket
Make sure it stays down
Continue the process around entire window

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