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JWF, Cross-Sell Coupons
Cross-Sell Coupons

Your existing customers are certainly the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to increasing sales. Offering coupons that provide discounts off of additional products and services will help increase purchase frequency with your current customer base. 

After an installation job is completed, simply provide the customer with a discount coupon on another type of product or service offered at your shop. For example, after completing a car installation job you could offer the customer a coupon good for a discount off of a residential installation, and vice versa.

A different approach is to cross-sell with other businesses in your local community such as restaurants, hardware stores and dry cleaners. In return for displaying coupons of their businesses in your shop, your cross-sell partners will showcase coupons of your business in their stores as well. This will allow you to broaden your marketing reach while incentivizing new customers in your area.

Sample Cross-Sell Coupons
Automotive and Residential Cross-Sell Coupons
3 x 6.5 CrossSell Coupon for Auto
3" x 6.5"
3 x 6.5 CrossSell Coupon for Residential
3" x 6.5"
3 x 6.5 CrossSell Coupon for Residential
3" x 6.5"

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