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Rear Window Cleaning and Prep

Rear Window Cleaning and Prep

You want to prepare and clean both the outside and inside rear window before film application. The outside window needs to be prepped and cleaned because you will use that side to cut your film pattern. Obviously, the inside rear window needs to be extra clean to eliminate any contamination that could damage the film.

Prep & Clean (outside)
Start with a clean rear window.
Spray outside of window
Spray and scrub inside of window.
Spray inside of window
Remove the rear brake light to give your self more working room.
Remove brake light if necessary
The first installation step is to inspect and clean the outside
of the rear window. The steps include:

• Check for scratches and chips on the rear window.
• Make sure inside rear panel and brake lights are
in good condition.
• Spray outside of rear window with solution and clean.
If necessary, scrub window with a white pad.
• Squeegee clean.
• If rear window has rubber gaskets, check for cracks.
• Wipe clean using a paper towel.

Prep & Clean (inside)
After cutting and trimming your film pattern, the next step
is to carefully prepare the rear window so that a smooth
and easy installation can take place.

• Remove brake light or rear panel if necessary.
• Spray inside rear window with solution and scrub with white pad. Wipe glass clean using a paper towel.
• Clean rear panel as well.
• Spray rear window one more time with solution and squeegee out starting at the top and working your way down.
• Wipe clean using a paper towel.

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