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1 Piece Install

Installing window film on a rear window can be a scary experience, especially if you are alone. The larger the film piece, the greater chance it will acquire contamination as you maneuver your way inside a car's tight spaces. The following methods will help reduce contamination when installing 1 piece window film on rear windows.

Note: Utilize these methods after you
1) Prep & Clean the rear window
2) Cut and trim your film pattern.

Method 1 – Standard Installation Method
Two people are recommended for this procedure. An experienced tinter can probably handle the standard method alone.

Spray as you peel the liner to reduce static electricity.
Spray while peeling
Drape the film over your arms. Don't let the exposed adhesive touch anything as you move into the car.
Lay trim over arms
when transporting

With the finished pattern on your trimming glass, slowly peel back the liner while spraying the exposed film adhesive with solution. Make sure to spray generously to prevent contamination as well as keeping the film from accidentally sticking to each other upon removal from the trimming glass.
Lightly spray the inside rear window with solution.
Carefully remove the film from the trimming glass and lay it over your arms. A helpful hint is to walk backwards to the car to prevent contamination from sticking to the exposed film.
Slowly enter the backseat of the car and position yourself in the center of the rear seat (If two people are installing, one person should hand the film off to the other person waiting in the backseat).
Carefully place the film in the middle of the rear window (make sure to keep the adhesive from touching any of the interior surface) and slide it down towards the bottom
of the window.
• Secure the film to the rest of the window and squeegee
out as normal.

Reverse Roll Technique
Also known as the "California Roll" in honor of its origin, this technique is a great way to reduce the danger of contamination when conducting a one-man rear window installation.

Carefully place the film on the glass. Get the edges layed down first and then slide them outward to the edge of the glass.
Place film in window
Peel 1 half of the liner and spray with mounting solution and then replace liner.
Peeling back liner
Roll the pattern into 1 inch tube with the liner in.
Rolling up the film
The liner will release as you unroll the film leaving the adhesive exposed.
Unrolling the film
With the finished pattern on the outside of the rear window, peel back the liner stopping slightly before the center. Spray
a generous amount of solution on film adhesive and then lay liner back on film. Repeat this step on the other half of the pattern.
After the release liner is back in place, spray the entire film pattern again with solution and smooth out as many air pockets as possible with your hand.
Using the side of the pattern you feel most comfortable with, lift the edge of the film off the glass and roll the film up. The roll should be tight, approximately 1 inch in diameter, and straight to avoid a funnel effect.

When finished, take the rolled up film and climb into the back seat of the car.
Lightly spray the rear window with solution.
Now you are ready to unroll the film onto the rear window about. First, unroll the film by about 6" to 10" with the hard coat side facing you. Peel liner back onto hard coat side of the film and spray exposed film with solution to remove any possible contamination.
Apply exposed film edge to one side of the rear window and slowly unroll film pattern across the window. The liner should be peeling back as you unroll the pattern onto the glass. Make sure you keep the pattern from sliding in the direction you are pulling.

After you have unrolled about 3/4 of the pattern, grab the liner and carefully peel back towards the end of the roll. Pull
it outward and away from the film to prevent it from sticking to the adhesive.
As you pull the remaining liner off, the film will continue to unroll. Once the liner is completely off, gently apply the rest
of the film to the glass.
• Position film on glass and check for any light gaps.
Smooth out any large fingers with your hand and squeegee out as normal.

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