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Automotive Tools

Auto Install Tools

Automotive window film installment requires a distinct set of tools. The availability
of the following items varies from region to region and from distributor to distributor. Review the tool catalog from your distributor and discuss which tools are essential for
the type of installations you plan to offer to your customers.

Trimming knives are essential. Select one that is comfortable to you and accepts stainless steel break-off blades.
Single-edge razor blades are used in the cleaning process of most windows. Blade holders increase safety and allow more reach with the blade.

Use stainless steel break-off blades and break off dull tips often. A bad blade will scratch glass more easily.
Cleaning towels are an important element. They must be lint-free and scrub pads (used on rear windows) must not scratch the glass.

Squeegees clean and assists in film installations. Polyurethane blades work best, soft squeegees leave more water under the film. Putting flat squeegees into an Unger handle greatly improves leverage and water removal.
Heat guns shrinks or shapes the film to fit the curvature of many automotive windows.
Be sure your choice has enough power.

Sprayers are used to clean windows and mount film. Hand trigger sprayers work, but a pump-up one saves effort and carries more solution.
The blackout paint marker fills in tiny areas where your pattern has left glass uncovered. The removable yellow markers outline film pieces and window glass when making patterns and helps the installer remember.

Small hard cards are used to push out the last of the mounting solution (bumping) and to push down any small areas of film that do not lay down perfectly. Determine which shape and hardness is right for you.
Rulers are helpful when trying to clean up patterns that are on your trimming glass. Hole patterns help you make clean cuts around pop-out window hardware holes.

These combo tools are often helpful when working at the bottom of hard-to-reach rear windows and when laying film down behind the gaskets of side windows.
The hook tool is useful when manipulating the bottom gasket of a roll-up window. The other tools are for door trim removal. They allow you to remove a door panel (only when necessary) with minimum damage.

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