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Auto Terminology

Clean a few times daily
Trimming glass

Mounting Solution – A mixture of clean water and a small amount
of liquid soap such as Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Carry this solution
in a spray bottle and use it to clean windows and as a "slip" agent to keep the adhesive from sticking to the glass while you position and squeegee it.

Trimming Glass – A large piece of glass that is mounted in the installation area, as close to the car as possible. Used to hold patterns when you need your hands free, but is especially helpful when rounding the corners or cleaning up imperfect edges of cut patterns. Mount the glass vertically to keep dust in the air from landing on your patterns. It is also a great place to peel the release liner when doing side windows.

Patterns – The film is trimmed into a custom pattern to fit each window perfectly on the outside of the window before the liner is peeled and the film installed on the inside of the glass.

Keep heat gun moving at a safe distance
Heat shrinking

Heat Shrinking – During the manufacturing process, machines pull and stretch film. When properly heated, the film shrinks back into the machine direction. Amazingly, the film will then fit extremely curved windows in one large piece.

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