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JWF - Shop Set-Up Main

Shop Set-Up Main

A good environment makes closing the sale easier!
Shop location is key
Opening a shop is a tremendous decision. This section discusses the important steps to take when examining potential locations. Before paying rent, choose a location with multiple features suiting a tint shop environment.

Create a business plan for your project. Use books and websites to help create this plan. Take the time to learn and realistically consider potential costs, revenues, profits, and losses if things don't work out the way you expected. When you get down to crunching the numbers, be realistic! This is not a fantasy exercise. Your future is worth the effort.

Car in shop

Be aware of how much revenue you will need to support different rent amounts before you go looking at available locations. A nice shop in a great location will have a higher rent, and you will naturally have higher revenues due to increased visibility. However, saddling the business with high rent will strain your enterprise.

Don't jump into a shop until you have done your homework.

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