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Basic Process

Installing window film on cars is a delicate procedure. The auto installation section of this web site provides detailed instructions on every facet of the installation process. Here is an overview of the 6 basic steps involved in automotive installation:

Frameless windows are a good place to start.
Step 1: Clean windows
Spray the glass before covering with film and then spray the surface of the film to act as a lubricant during spreading or squeegeeing.
Step 2 – Cut pattern
Overlap the rubber gasket, trim and then slide the pattern down to reduce light gaps in your final pattern.
Scraping window clean
It can be helpful to pull excess film away as you trim.
Installing the film
Make sure each stroke overlaps the last
Step 6: squeegeeing
It's important to keep the outside windows clean because they will provide the "setting" to cut your pattern. Clean windows facilitate to positioning your pattern and allows you to see where you're cutting.
After placing film on a clean outside window, cut a pattern to fit that particular window. There are several cutting techniques you will need to utilize depending on window type. Refer to the auto installation section of this web site for techniques on cutting a film pattern.
This step is extremely important. Remove any trace of contamination before installing your film. We recommend at least three cleaning passes just to be on the safe side. Remember that dirt is not always visible to the naked eye—so be extra thorough in those hard to reach spots.
Using a trimming glass, make a few final trims to your film (e.g. round off corners) to ensure a clean and even pattern. At this point, your film is ready to be installed. Remove the liner from the film and spray the exposed mounting adhesive with solution. The moisture enables you to position the film on your window.
Carefully transferring the film from the trimming glass to the car window. It's easy for dirt or contamination to be attracted to the exposed adhesive. Once your pattern is on the window, carefully position it into place and anchor the film using your squeegee.
Once your film pattern is securely fastened to the window, squeegee out all remaining solution underneath the film. This helps reduce contamination and enables you to deliver a successful installation job.

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