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JWF, Rear Windows - Strip & Splice Pattern

Strip & Splice Pattern

Now that you have given the rear window a good inspection and cleaning, it's time to cut the film into strips in order to produce the right pattern to apply. Make sure measurements are exact so the film can be easily installed. Please follow these steps:

Tools Needed: Spray bottle with cleaning solution, Olfa knife and Squeegee

Step 2 – cover entire window

Step 5 – cutting at
defrost line

Step 6 – create a 1/2"
film overlap

Step 9 – cut side edges

Cut close-up
Spray the outside of the rear window with solution to make it easier to move the film around.
Place the film on the outside of the glass (liner side up) to begin cutting your strips. Cover the entire window with a piece of film (or pieces of a smaller roll width), leaving at least 2" excess film around the window. You'll be making overlapping strips across the window, so be sure to allocate enough film. If you are using a smaller roll of film, be sure to lay the pieces across the window overlapping each piece of film by at least 2".
Make sure the liner is facing up, away from the glass so it will be against the glass when you install it. Spray the film with solution and carefully squeegee in order to anchor the film to the glass. Rough cut any excess film away leaving a sufficient working border (2" or more).
Determine the total number of strips needed and appropriate strip size. Every car is different—some vehicles might need two strips while others may need up to five pieces of film. The best way to figure it out is to look at where the fingers are on the pattern. The object is to gain relief from the fingers so you want to make cuts where the fingers begin finding the corresponding defrost line.
Find your initial defrost line and make a cut 1/2" below the defrost line all the way across the window. When making this cut, be sure to follow the direction or "curve" of the defrost line. Spray initial strip with solution and carefully anchor it down with your squeegee. Finish cutting the pattern 1/8" around the border or along the rubber gasket along the top and the sides.
Now take your remaining film pattern and place it 1/2" above the first defrost line. You will now have a 1/2" film overlap above and below the defrost line. Spray area with solution and carefully anchor it down with your squeegee.
Find your next defrost line and, again, make a cut 1/2" below the defrost line all the way across the window. Spray strip with solution and anchor it down with your squeegee. Take the remaining pattern and place it 1/2" above this second strip creating another 1/2" film overlap. Spray with solution and anchor strip down with your squeegee.
Repeat this overlap process as necessary depending on the number of defrost line cuts needed.
Now it's time to cut the side edges as well as the top and bottom of the window. If your compound window has rubber gaskets, cut film to edge around the entire window. If your window has a black matrix border around the entire window, make a cut 1/8" larger around the border. Also, look for defrost tabs and trim out tabs on the outside.
If any fingers are remaining at the TOP or BOTTOM of the film, use the wet shrink method to work them out.
Starting with the bottom strip, remove film strips from outside of window and place patterns onto clean trimming glass (hard coat touching glass). Place strips in proper order to make it easier upon installation. Trim off any bad edges on film strips.

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